Our Story

Founded in 2010 by Executive Director Emmy Zoomlamai Okello, Foundation for Inclusive Community Help (FICH) is a grassroots, youth-led non-governmental organization.

FICH was established in response to the need to engage youth and the community in the fight against economic, educational, and health related challenges. To overcome these challenges, FICH carries out research and outreach in three program areas: Education, Health, and Livelihood.

To date, FICH has completed programs in youth mentoring, vocational skills, agricultural value addition, entrepreneurship, sexual reproductive health, and HIV/AIDS.



Mission: To transform youth and women through sustainable opportunities and decent work in a thriving community.

Vision: A generation of healthy, innovative, productive, and self-reliant youth and women


  • Inclusiveness: We do not discriminate, we work with every interested person or group without exception.

  • Integrity: We believe that in whatever we do, honesty and transparency are priority.

  • Excellency: We work to promote quality performance and a culture of working passionately to one’s best capacity.

  • Volunteerism: We aim to promote leadership through volunteering for the benefit of others.

  • Teamwork: We believe that working collaboratively and understanding each other is key to achieving our goals.

Strategic objectives:

  • To promote sustainable economic growth that provides decent employment for vulnerable people.

  • To promote healthy lives for vulnerable people in the community.

  • To conduct action oriented research and surveys to establish appropriate positive response programs. 

  • To strengthen organizational means of implementation and partnership for sustainable growth and programs management.