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Founded in 2010 by Executive Director Emmy Zoomlamai Okello, Foundation for Inclusive Community Help (FICH) is a grassroots, youth-led non-governmental organization.

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Foundation for Inclusive Community Help (FICH) is a vibrant indigenous grassroots organization with its main offices based in Oyam District, Northern Uganda and it has been in operation since 2010. With zeal and desire, we assist and support youth in school, married/unmarried women and men, persons with disabilities, youth and those that dropped out of school with special attention given to the poor dwelling in hard-to-reach and remote areas.

Our priorities are in education for children affected by conflict and disadvantaged livelihoods with a strong focus on entrepreneurship development, women empowerment and community development. We target the age group 6 to 35 years but address concerns of children in the care of young mothers and child headed households.


Activities within these target groups are carried out within school and out of school settings and through groups and associations in the communities.

With current organizational re-alignment, our focus is in developing programs initiated by and for the local communities at large. In creating sustainability of community self-reliance, strong leadership, and gender equality, we have discovered that this starts at ground zero within the communities and is achieved through community-led participation. We seek to establish partnerships with entities that clearly understand and appreciate the benefits of community-led programs.


FICH is guided by a VISION to see, a generation of healthy, innovative, productive and self-reliant youth, women and families;


FICH MISSION is to transform youth, women and families through education, training and opportunities in a thriving community.

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strategic objectives

Strategic Objectives

To promote sustainable economic growth that provides decent employment for vulnerable people.
To promote healthy lives for vulnerable people in the community.
To conduct action-oriented research and surveys to establish appropriate positive response programs.
To strengthen organizational means of implementation and partnership for sustainable growth and programs management.
Our values

Values defined

Means to FICH the highest quality or superior standard. One of the expectations that FICH has of its members is to be excellent, in the way they work and organize what is around them as well as order their words. FICH members are required to always be in a state of continuous improvement to ensure that the excellent quality is achieved in all dimensions of the organization. Being an organization that doesn’t compromise on quality, FICH staff get explicit support to build their competence to ensure excellence.

Means involvement and embracement of diverse groups in the organization activities. FICH values diversity and sees it as an opportunity for synergy and innovation. As a commitment towards this value, the organization has continued to engage, involve and encourage active participation of employees, management from diverse groups and giving absolute value and opportunity to all its members. FICH is also a learning centered Organization valuing the perspectives and contributions of all its members. As members of the organization, we are expected not to only practice this at the organization premises but to also carry it wherever we go because everyone has got value in them.

This means following the right moral or ethical convictions that are guided by FICH principles and values. It means doing the right thing in all circumstances even when no one is seeing you. Staff personal development is a very pertinent issue within the organization and lots of investments have been made by the organization to ensure that the staff live from the outside what they feel in the inside. All staff members are expected to have integrity which is should always been clearly seen in their characters.

Teamwork means working together to achieve a common goal. FICH values teamwork as it is a great tool for synergy. To achieve the teamwork spirit to a high degree, FICH carries out a number of team building activities for its staff periodically. One of the major expectations that FICH has of its means is to have a high team work spirit.

This is a core part of FICH and it is doing something while relying on voluntary actions or volunteers. FICH works with volunteers from different background to achieve the organizations goals and objectives. The spirit of voluntarism is encouraged among the organization’s staff to ensure effectiveness and efficiency.

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We offers an open working environment for staff to interact & freely share their views & ideas.


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