How do we empower young girls?

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Social-emotional learning and soft skills development for vulnerable secondary school girls

FICH's main education intervention is the LEAD Girls program. LEAD stands for Leadership, Education, Access, and Discovery and the goal of this project is to create a community of self-reliant, innovative, and productive girls in Northern Uganda by building girls’ holistic skill set and helping parents and teachers to better support them.


We accept vulnerable girls in their second year of secondary school into the LEAD program

Girls attend weekly mentoring sessions

The sessions develop a girls holistic skill set

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Mentor Teachers are trained on social-emotional learning and provide support while girls are at school

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Understanding herself

Understanding others

Discovering the opportunities around her

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Parents/guardians are mentored to better support their daughter financially and developmentally

Girls attain soft skills required for employment or further education and have a strong foundation of teachers and parents

Improved academic & employment outcomes

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Girls join an alumni network of other LEAD graduates who are employed, business owners, university graduates, and leaders

Previous Programs

Conflict-affected Girls Mentor Program

The Conflict-affected Girls Mentor program was created to support in-school and out-of-school girls who were affected by the conflict in Northern Uganda. The program offered psycho-social support, educational materials, and business skills to the beneficiaries.

Are Our Children Learning?

In partnership with Luwezo, FICH implemented a study of the education system in Northern Uganda. The study highlighted many of the gaps that currently exist in the education system and provided local leaders with recommendations to overcome these challenges.