Karacel Bakery & Training Center

Baking for women's empowerment and community economic vitality

Karacel pronounced [kar-ah-chel] is a Lango word meaning "all together." The Karacel Bakery & Training Center is FICH's social enterprise that focuses on women's empowerment while providing access to nutritious bread for the community by baking all of its products with soya flour. Women are involved in the entire process at Karacel. First, the business acts as a produce buyer for women farmers, then it employs women to make soya flour and bread, and finally it invests in women's personal and professional development through the Training Center. 

40% of the profits earned from Karacel support FICH's other programs for women and girls. This helps us to be self-reliant and grants us flexibility to tailor our programs to best meet the needs of the women and girls that we work with.


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