The Team

Committed to the Cause

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Emmy Zoomlamai

Founder, Executive Director

Emmy is deeply goal-oriented leader with the desire to provide an equal opportunities for marginalized communities to find their voice and maximize their potential. With a degree in Business and Social Science and experience as an ILO certified business trainer, Emmy has used his experiences to influence policy design, and execution of economic and social  development projects. Emmy was also trained by BBC World Service in media content creation which helps him to lead with a human-centered program design.
He has over 7 years experience in fundraising and grants management. 

Strengths: Team builder, organized, passionate

Candy Alum

Programs Director

Candy has a degree in Human Resource Management from Makerere University. She is an excellent public speaker and leader that has driven success in all of FICH's programs. Candy has spent significant time working with youth from conflict and non-conflict affected areas of Uganda and provided entrepreneurship trainings, education, and psychosocial support to children and youth. She believes that, every human being has the potential to achieve their dreams if negative attitudes are wiped out and positive attitudes embraced.

Strengths: Motivated, results-oriented, interpersonal relationships


Eunice Acan


Eunice has a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting and Finance from Kyambogo University. Before joining FICH she worked with the Local Government for over 3 years and has deep
understanding of institutional financial control systems. Eunice has spent time researching the modern trends of financial systems in nonprofit organizations. Her efforts help her, and FICH, operate effectively and efficiently.

Strengths: Detail oriented, quantitative skills, management

Eddy Olwa

Documentation & Communications Officer

Eddy is currently is a studying ICT at All Saints University Lira. He has 12 years practicalexperience in videography and photography. Previously, He worked with Nativeton Records Ltd before founding View Port Multimedia Ltd. in Lira. Eddy brings vast experience of developing audio visual materials and graphics design to FICH. His work at FICH is  todevelop information materials for different audiences. He works across platforms to align communications, media and advocacy for all program interventions. He believes “The Human Connection, is the Key to Personal Career.

Strengths: Photography/videography, friendly, business-oriented

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Felix Ogwang

Senior Education Mentor

Felix graduated from Makerere University with a Bachelor’s degree in Education.  He has more than 10 years of experience in teaching and direct restorative efforts with conflict affected children and communities in Northern Uganda. Felix is knowledgeable in youth mentorship, counselling, business training, and is a radio personality. At FICH he provides guidance and life skills trainings to youth. “I like inspiring, motivating and encouraging depressed and oppressed people so that they can find their hidden ability."

Strengths: Experience, leadership, motivating others


Business Development Advisor

Gloria has a degree in Development Economics with an emphasis in business. Gloria has trained many emerging entrepreneurs in business management skills, financial literacy, and life skills. FICH enjoys her exposure as an alumni of YALI regional leadership center, East Africa program. She has increased productivity among youth through business training and mentorship. She is also the regional coordinator for Northern Uganda Business Development Services. Her passion is to inspire thousands of people through entrepreneurship.

Strengths: Business acumen, youth development, passion