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Children & Youth.

LEAD (Leadership, Education, Access & Discovery)

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Women in

Give a woman voice.

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Women in

Give a woman voice.

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Reaching the most vulnerable

Our Programs is Community Based

Education, Training & Opportunities

Our priorities are in education for children affected by conflict and disadvantaged livelihoods with a strong focus on entrepreneurship development, women empowerment and community development. We target the age group 6 to 35 years but address concerns of children in the care of young mothers and child headed households. Activities within these target groups are carried out within school and out of school settings and through groups and associations in the communities.

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Thematic Areas


LEAD Program (Leadership, Education, Access & Discovery); using Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) skills.


Our livelihood program Increases Economic Activities for Women, Youth & SMEs for low income earners.


Healthier schools, homesteads and cleaner hospitals, so as to achieve a healthy & productive community; "Health is wealth."


Strengthening power relationships with hard-to-reach communities & Serving so that they can realize their full potential.

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    Voice (Women Empowerment)

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"You have not lived until you've done something for someone who can never repay you" John Bunyan

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Students borrow books at Karacel Community Library. The library is accessible freely to the community of Akongatar and the entire district of Oyam every Tuesday and Thursday. Come and explore the world through the text to learn and unlearn. @SusanBlock20 @ReliAfrica @UwezoUganda

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Our village education committees(VECs) undergo training and review of their previous work under LEAD parental engagement which focuses on the role of parent in the learning of their children. Theme: quality and consistency in data collection for improved programming.


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Why women?

Why Children?

Why Youths?

  • Education

    The intervention targets In & out of school, secondary school students with a Social-Emotional learning approach and Primary Pupils with literacy and numeracy skills.

  • Training

    We provide Vocational Studies Opportunities & Training for Women, Youth, & SMEs with entrepreneurship & business skills.

  • Opportunities

    We give a 6-month volunteering practical and hand on training with a variety of skills through a comprehensive practical training and 21st century work ethics.

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Why Donate

$417 will support 1 adolescent girl in secondary school to participate in the life skill mentoring program for 1 year. 3 year plan, 1620 girls = $675,540.


Why Donate

$100 will support a woman to improve her business that will earn her $350 / year as profit. 3 year plan, 1300 women = $130,000